Ulo Deporte?! (Where is sport?!)

"Ulo Deporte?!" is a project to make it easier for people to find sports facilities in Galicia.

How we are going to achieve it?

Adding the information of sports facilities in OpenStreetMap.org, an online map plataform similar to Google Maps but in OpenStreetMap information is free ("Free as in Freedom, not free as in free beer") and is managed by a non-profit fundation similar to Wikipedia.

Map of Soccer fields in Galicia

In this image, you can see every soccer field in Galicia, which has been included in OpenStreetMap thanks to the voluntary collaboration of many people.

Soccer is well accounted for but unfortunately, a lot of other sport facilities are not yet included, for example there are only 20 paddle tennis courts mapped in Galicia, and obviously there are more.

Map of paddle tennis courts in Galicia

We want to add as much information as possible for every sport in Galicia.

In this image,  you can see OpenStreetMap.org interface where some information is being added:

Adding sport data to a feature in OpenStreetMap

After that we will share our experience to facilitate other people, learn, reproduce and improve it, allowing more people to benefit from it in other places in the world.

So if you want to collaborate there are many ways you can help us:

  • Sharing it at Social Networks
  • Adding information in Open Street Map
  • Collaborating in project organization

    Join mail list in  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/little-social-project, here is where you can find us.

    P.S.: For this project, mailing list main language will be spanish, but some of us will support english conversation.